Saint Louis Music Acquires Hamilton Stands
St Louis Music (SLM) recently completed the acquisition of Hamilton Stands.
Mark Ragin, President and CEO of SLM, says, "I have known and sold Hamilton stands since I first started working in the music business. The Hamilton brand is synonymous with quality and has a long history of design innovation."

That innovation includes inventing the first folding music stand and the first neck suspending guitar stand. Recent designs include the System X wind instrument stands, arguably the most featured rich wind stands available, and the System X keyboard stand, which combines the best features of a column stand and an X style stand.

"For sometimes I have sought a strategic buyer who would recognize the value of the Hamilton brand and be positioned to leverage our products into their deserved place in the industry," said Bill Carpenter, the owner of Hamilton Stands since 2006. "I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with St. Louis Music and Mark Ragin."

Ragin added, "We are proud to be the new owners of Hamilton. Our growing presence in the market and the strength of the Hamilton brand will work together to achieve greater global reach and growth for our Company."

Carpenter will continue with Hamilton, leading strategic sourcing and product design initiatives.